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Snatched is a wig styling company created by drag queens, for drag queens. They help old and new queens alike to strut their stuff with wigs that will take your breath away. This company required a unique and loud brand to match their personality, so I created a bold logo and brand guide to fit their style. There are also some brand applications included such as stationary, ads, and packaging to really round out the whole picture.

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The goal was to make a logo that somehow encapsulated the amount of sass and attitude this brand had. I began sketching with drag wigs, culture, and make-up in mind. I went through many iterations, eventually settling on the figure of a Queen in the shape of an "s".

I tried it out with some script fonts, and none of them really captured the feeling I trying to convey through this logo, so I turned to hand-lettering. Using logos from old 60s department stores as inspiration, I took a brush and ink and filled pages upon pages with the word "Snatched." I eventually found one I thought really worked with the icon, brought it into the computer, and eventually used the icon as the "s" itself.