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WanderLight Bioluminescent Boots

WanderLight Boots are the hiker's choice when it comes to illuminated hiking boots, as they hold a specific species of bioluminescent bacteria that are capable of lighting a traveler's feet for up to a week without needing to be fed. No charging, no batteries, only the hiker and nature. I designed this logo, brand guide, and packaging to reflect this resourcefulness and innovation, carrying a motif of circles throughout to reference the all-important Petri Dish these hiking buddies thrive in.



I had the idea to create a brand of hiking boots that light up in the dark to make traversing trails at night easier. I started thinking of how this could be done, with professional hikers often leaving civilization for weeks at a time, without access to outlets for charging. My answer lied in bioluminescent bacteria, which a person could just feed once a week instead of ever having to recharge the "light." I started sketching logos, eventually landing on the idea of a petri dish holding the night sky and bacteria.

I then created packaging for it, brainstorming a rectangular box, a circular box that called back to a petri dish, and a bag that hikers could take with them on the train to hold some of their supplies. The petri dish won out, and I created it as shown above.