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Re:srv App

My idea from an app stemmed from a need to have a centralized way to plan a complex night out, when making reservations and timing things correctly makes the whole event more stressful than fun. I started out with research on competing apps, personas to figure out who my audience was and what their problems were, and wireframing to get a rough idea on how I wanted the process to run. After some user testing, I was able to create a branded working prototype through Invision, which was subject to more user testing.

User Experience
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Once the idea for the app was cemented, I created a process flow and sitemap for the app, detailing how to user would go through the process of planning a night out. After that, I dove into making rough paper wireframes in order to picture and work through the interface of the app.

I then created these wireframes in UXpin and user tested them with different scenarios for the tester to go through. After using testing, I designed the actual visuals for the app, and placed them in Invision, and they went through another round of user testing.