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Husk Restaurant

Sometimes it's good to get back to basics, and this is what Husk strives to provide to its guests. Serving a menu exclusively featuring ancient grain-based dishes, Husk values tradition and has its roots in old pagan Europe where they created Corn Dollies to house the spirit of the grain. For this brand, I thought it was important to build on that rich history and incorporate it wherever possible, starting with the brand colors and logo, and even going so far as to create my own Corn Dollies.

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First, we started with a general brainstorm. I knew I wanted to do a grain/season based restaurant, but I had to figure out the name, and it's story. I started researching ancient people's relationship with agriculture and grains. I came across several legends, including the Corn Dolly of pagan Europe and Ceres, the roman goddess of agriculture, grain crops, fertility and motherly relationships. I did some rough sketches, and eventually refined them into five logo options, landing on Husk: The Grain Club with a circular logo to represent the cycling seasons.

I then explored different color and font options, eventually landing on a bold type treatment and an orange and brown palette to reflect the harvest season. I expanded on on this logo to make it a full brand, creating menus, a press kit, and a website for Husk.